Keeping the blog alive

It's been a while. One of the pros of this whole Covid19 quarantine at home, is that I am finally sorting through all the pictures, started blog posts, and scribbled notes from the past 3 years, that I totally meant to post. The downside is, you know, being stuck at home. Some fun facts about... Continue Reading →

In the land of palm trees

Confession: I had only seen palm trees once before my March Break on the west coast. In 1998, my father and my friend's parents yanked us out of school for a few weeks to drive down to Florida. I was captivated by the weird looking trees. And recently it hit me: I want to go... Continue Reading →

My First Saguaro, a day in Arizona

I was a 2ish hour drive from Arizona, so I figured why not?  Sometimes the urge to check off a new state/province/country from the bucket list takes over. That, and I reaaaaally wanted to see a saguaro cactus. I know that it's a pretty weird bucket list item, but I really love cacti. So, I... Continue Reading →

San Francisco

I accidentally went to San Francisco. When I was planning my solo March Break adventures, I was putting in a lot of airport combinations to see what was cheaper, and I ended up booking to San Francisco instead of San Diego, like a total rookie traveller. When I saw my mistake, I figured it was... Continue Reading →

Cabin Fever

I seriously haven't been anywhere or done anything travel-y since Halloween weekend. I went to Plattsburgh for a day (basically, Target and lunch) with my friend Amanda during my Xmas holidays and it felt so good just to get out. Sometimes, I get stuck in a rut. I have been in one of those ruts... Continue Reading →

October in Wells, Maine

Last month, for the weekend before Halloween, we decided to take a weekend road trip to visit Salem for Halloween. We're big on Halloween, my boyfriend and I... as in, we're having a Halloween-themed wedding next year. The thing about Halloween in Salem is that it's crowded and expensive. We found ourselves asking the question... Continue Reading →

Psychic Scams in Times Square

This morning Facebook decided to remind me that two years ago today, I was in Times Square.... getting scammed by a psychic named Gina. I had gone to NYC with a friend to watch Wicked, eat cupcakes out of a vending machine, tour an abandoned morgue*, and see what other insanity would ensue.  We managed... Continue Reading →

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