Time travel, or: a night at the drive-in

One of my favorite summer spots since I got my first car (ok, it was a giant purple minivan) in my late teens has been the St. Albans Drive In, in Vermont. Growing up in the Eastern Townships, it was quite literally in my backyard (the American part of my backyard); for most of the summers of my late teens and early 20s, the customs officers at Morse’s Line that worked the Friday and Saturday night shifts knew us by name thanks to our frequent movie-going. (Located about 2- 2.5 hours from Montreal, it makes for a doable Montreal day trip or weekend trip. )

In Quebec, only one drive-in shows English language movies; it happens to be located in Gatineau. Meaning its closer to trek down across the border to Vermont.

There’s something about the smell of popcorn mixed with some kitsh neon leftovers from the 1950s that makes going to the drive-in feel at the very least a tiny bit exotic.

Almost dusk, almost showtime!

St Albans Drive In is conveniently located right off Interstate 87. It’s impossible to miss, thanks to the screen! Movies start at dusk, double feature is 8$, Canadian accepted at par. A word to those with peanut allergies: the popcorn is made with peanut oil.

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