Memories of London

So, I confess: I'm an Olympics junky. Moreso with the winter games, (especially considering I don't have TV, so I can only watch this time around when I'm elsewhere or when a neighbour's wifi is working), but still. This time around I'm getting a fair amount of nostalgia, as I'm able, for once, to say: been... Continue Reading →

Ausable Chasm, or: How to Make a Fool of Myself

It's been a pretty quiet few days on the travel front. So I decided: why not post about some of my many past adventures? So, a retroactive post. A couple summers ago, my friend and I decided to take a day trip to New York's Adirondack region, where we went to Ausable Chasm. The motivation... Continue Reading →

Waterfalls, or: Friday off work

I have some innate inner force that attracts me to pretty much anywhere that is new to me. It doesn't particularly matter what or where, if it's a discovery and it's new to my eyes, it works. One of my best friends drove up to Laval Friday and we decided to enjoy a sweltering hot... Continue Reading →

Canada Day in The Capital

One of my favorite kiddie summer traditions was Canada Day in the capital, Ottawa. Biking along the canal, camping at the now-defunct LeBreton Flats Campground (site of the War Museum), enjoying the shows on Parliament Hill. A tradition of camping I managed to resurrect with 2 of my ladies for a few years, in my... Continue Reading →

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