Rurex: Abandoned Tourism at Cascades d’Eau Piedmont

I’ve always been drawn to pretty much anything that has been left abandoned: ski hill, houses, mini putt courses….

Over the course of this spring and summer’s day tripping excursions to hike and explore in the Laurentians, the giant (iconic) water faucet off Autoroute 15 near St-Sauveur caught my eye. I loathe water parks, but this one looked pretty empty for high season. Google revealed that it was indeed an aquatic park, the Cascades d’Eau de Piedmont, and had closed at the end of its 2009 season, and YouTube revealed that some people had managed to access the abandoned waterslides and mini putt course. So, I thought: why not give it a try?

So, with a bit of help from the Google Earth app on my cell phone, we found the dead-end that used to lead into its parking lot. The road was blocked off at that point, but was at the edge of a residential area, so we were able to parallel park in the neighborhood without attracting much attention. So, we managed to get into the parking lot, which appears to be local youth’s improvised skate park. The first piece of good news: a complete and total abscence of security guards, security cameras… and even No Trespassing signs.

It got even better when we arrived at the now-defunct ticket office: the site’s main gate had been left unlocked and wide open, saving us from having to hike the perimeter looking for holes in the fence (or attempt climbing over barbed wire).

There is, based on what I found on YouTube, another half to the park, located upwards, containing more abandoned slides and a miniputt. This section was reportedly closed earlier than the rest of the park, and is a bit harder to access as it has grown up. And yes, this fall, I’m going back to locate it.

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  1. blinkpack says:

    Josh from the BlinkPack blog here. Nice find. If you are ever in Rhode Island US, be sure to look up Crescent Park. The ride remains in the woods are right up your alley.

    1. alleta2012 says:

      Thanx for the head’s up , am heading down that way this fall 🙂

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