Random Adventures, New England version

So, one of my good friends from high school and I have, over the years, developped a knack/penchant for random road trips. Back in the good old days before there was Google Maps and GPSs, we once ended up taking a road trip guided by flipping a coin at intersections (and subsequently ended up in another country). We once, when I got my first car (purple Dodge Caravan), ended up somewhere, not entirely sure what state we were in. We once had a GPS we named Monty guide us to Tremblant where we snuck on a gondola for free.  We resurrected the random road trip tradition, after a several year hiatus on the weekend. Our goal was to head to Stowe and do the inflatable obstacle course, Wipeout-style.

We decided to divert, and ended up at a Yankee Dollar and Price Chopper somewhere in New York state (2 states are better than 1!)  to stock up on beef jerky, and horrible energy-drink style tongue strips. We then missed a turnoff, and ended up touring the Lake Champlain Islands. When we finally got to Stowe, we had no idea where the obstacle course (or indoor bathrooms) were. We basically toured every base and parking lot of the Stowe ski centre, drove up a sketchy, narrow, tourist-filled mountain road, and Smuggler’s Notch before find it. And it was deflated. So,  we did what any road trippers with a love of insanity do, and settled for a cornfield maze.  And chili fries at Al’s in Burlington en route back to Canada.

Pictures of Mount Mansfield and the Corn Maze below.

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