Cabane a sucre, Village Quebecois d’Antan

6314_607067830418_1758282971_n 64789_607067785508_805779983_n 253697_607067880318_698961175_n 482361_607067700678_873424865_n 545533_607067720638_1201088515_n 601411_10152241505456758_82875054_nA couple images of a visit two weekends ago to the Village Quebecois d’Antan’s sugar shack. The food was good, the traditional music good, the parenting skills and behaviour of children present: horrible. Seriously, if your 4 year old has tripped two waitresses, been warned by another, thrown a screaming fit under other people’s table… maybe you should reign him in before he starts pushing and hitting others (namely, our party).

The lunch was actually totally ruined by some really bad parenting skills.

The village’s attractions, other than the actual sugar shack, restaraunt, horse carriage rides and donut shop were closed.

+: no crowds, able to wander around undisturbed.

-: only got to see exteriors.

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