Cornwall Prison Museum


I really like abandoned places. I usually sneak into truly abandoned places with my camera, partner, and occasionally my dog. However, when I can go the legal route and still get a pretty cool experience, I`m apt to do so. I saw some vague information about the Cornwall Jail Museum in Cornwall, Ontario; after having visited (and loved and raved about) the Old Prison in Trois-Rivieres last winter, I wanted to check it out.

Their Facebook page and Twitter hadn`t been updated in over a year, and the website domain had been reclaimed, but I took a chance anyway. It was pretty cool. The prison was closed in the 2000s, so it`s pretty recent. And, believe me, the odors are still there (along with some pretty cool prisoner graffiti). The tour, unlike Trois-Rivieres, is self-guided. We ended up being the only two people in the place, which was awesome. Pics below.

The address we found on the internet was correct (it`s in the same building as the Tourism bureau and the active courtroom), and admission was 5$.


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