On the Road Again…

So, summer vacation officially ends on August 25th and I have to re-enter the real world.

I`ve been on the road most of the summer, so it`s really hard this year to believe that it`s over. It doesn`t help that this summer vacation actually was shorter (we finished later and Labour Day is early… a bad combo!) As great as all the travelling has been, it`s made this summer quite literally fly by. (Last summer I had a broken toe and then a busted knee, so it crawled by, comparatively…)

Sometimes as a teacher, I have to remind myself not the live for summer vacation, and I usually try and abstain from counting down until after my birthday in late April, and to concentrate on the ski season. But after summers like this… I`m ready for Canada Day, already!

I`ll be posting some of the highlights of this summer`s wanderings in the next two weeks. My poor blog has been demanding my attention, and now I actually have some travelling done to show n`tell about!

-S0000615 0000632 2015-07-06 12.18.19 2015-07-06 12.23.04 2015-07-06 12.29.07

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