Alberta, again

I kicked off my summer vacation with a long weekend in Alberta. I know, you’re thinking I went to Banff, West Edmonton Mall, the Stampede.

No to all of the above. Alberta and I are reaaaally well acquainted at this point, and I didn’t bother with anything touristy. I can’t stand the Banff crowds in the summer, I don’t shop, and one Stampede was enough for me. (Except for the food. Stampede food is a world unto its own).

Instead, I met up with my cousins and uncle, and spent some time with a friend from Bishop’s I hadn’t seen in a decade.

I’ll highlight that last part in a separate, gopher-filled post.

The weather wasn’t supper cooperative for doing anything. It went from scorching heat to severe storms back to scorching heat. I had planned to hike Bear’s Hump in Waterton before catching my flight, but the minute I started walking uphill there were some rather impressive and close forks of lightning, so instead I went for a walk below treeline in Red Rock Canyon to Blakiston Falls and called it a day. (And then ended up chasing a lost and scared dog through the ditches of Highway 6 during a really bad storm. My ears rang for an hour after lightning hit nearby. And don’t worry, the dog was reunited with its owner).

I managed to get a quick hike in that morning in Crowsnest Pass, and some trail running in Lethbridge the day before, so I feel like Mother Nature didn’t completely scrap my plans.



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