Sleep-deprived in Seattle

Last night, I slept at an airport. I spent the evening out with my cousins for food and drinks, and had a godawful early barely-morning flight to Seattle. So, basically, I shoved some couches together in a corner under some stairs, napped for 2 hours, and spent an unreasonably long time in a security line.

Since I had zero energy today and barely any functioning synapses, I decided to play tourist in Seattle. I hit up Pike’s Place (fish throwing…whaaaat?) to eat pancakes and  stickle for lunch. I visited the original Starbucks, which involved a good 40 minute line up, and several coffee places I cannot remember due to my haze of fatigue, got accosted by a bum that I yelled back at, stared at the ferris wheel, and am now sitting on a bench at the Amtrak station waiting for my train to Lacey, Washington, where my hotel room and rental car are waiting.

Beeeeed. Laundry, food, bed.

Some pictures of today.



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