Brief Stop in Fundy National Park

We decided to head to Cape Breton for a few days of hiking a few days after I got back from Vancouver…but Cape Breton is far.

We decided to break the trip up by spending 12 hours in Fundy National Park. We camped at the Park Headquarters Campground. Last time I was in Fundy, we camped at Point Wolfe which I preferred, but there was only one site available in the park when I last-minute reserved, so we took what we could get.

I’m not a fan of Parks Canada’s front country sites, and this trip reconfirmed that. No privacy, everyone smooshed together…we had a horrible neighbour who spent the trip screaming at her kids (who we, ironically, never heard) and at her husband for refusing to take her to the bathroom….

The one plus for the campground is that you can walk into Alma, and that the bathrooms are really clean.

We hiked Matthews Head, walked down to the beach at Point Wolfe, and then headed into Moncton for the afternoon.

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