Maine Coast: Old Haunts, New Spots

Some things are sacred. Like a late-summer trip to spend a few days lying on the beaches of Southern Maine. I just got back from my annual girls-trip to the coast with my friend Amanda. I've been going to Wells, Maine for these beach trips since I was a fetus* (for some TMI, find that... Continue Reading →

World Maps

I like to envision myself on the world map when I travel. Here I am, at the northern tip of Iceland. Along the southeastern tip of James Bay. Sitting on the edge of Canada in Tofino.... The first time I did this was accidental. The first time I took a plane and went overseas, I... Continue Reading →

36 hours in PEI

After 3 weeks of being on the road, hiking, and camping sometimes you just need to relax. We decided to leave Cape Breton to spend a day in PEI. We camped the first night near Cavendish and then decided, for the final night of the trip to be decadent and splurge on a 50$ motel... Continue Reading →

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