36 hours in PEI

After 3 weeks of being on the road, hiking, and camping sometimes you just need to relax. We decided to leave Cape Breton to spend a day in PEI. We camped the first night near Cavendish and then decided, for the final night of the trip to be decadent and splurge on a 50$ motel room near Summerside and takeout fries. All I’m going to say is, even if it was a cheap (dog-friendly!) hotel, taking a shower that 30 other people hadn’t already used that day and air conditioning felt like luxuries.

Ramblings about electricity-fueled life aside, PEI was its usual glorious self. I had only been here once before, the summer I graduated high school (2001. Damn, I’m getting middle-aged) but it was pretty much like how I remembered, minus the glass bottles and about 20 degrees hotter.

Basically, we went for a walk, bought some raspberry cordial, went to Cows, went for a swim at the beach, and I ran through Green Gables and LM Montgomery’s birthplace while Tom and the dog waited under a tree.

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