Every October Upper Canada Village gets its Halloween on with Pumpkinferno.

Basically, thousands of pumpkins are carved into some pretty impressive Jack o’lanterns.  The event takes place after sundown (because, you know, jack o’lantern), and is super popular. I suggest getting tickets online ahead of time, which lets you skip at least one really long line. We went the weekend of Halloween last year on a Saturday night, which was probably the most crowded time to go. We skipped some displays just because the crowds were too intense. I’d suggest going earlier in the season. We didn’t go this year, but judging from friends’ pictures taken this year, some of the displays are the same as last year so this probably isn’t the best thing to return to every year, but it’s pretty cool for a night out.



Author: samishness

Hello! As far as I can remember, movement has been a big part of my life. Travelling, planning travel and hypothetical trips have just been part of who I am since I was a kid hording travel pamphlets from rest stops on I91. I've graduated to blogging about travel from my days writing binders full of stories about talking horses.

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