October in Wells, Maine

Last month, for the weekend before Halloween, we decided to take a weekend road trip to visit Salem for Halloween. We’re big on Halloween, my boyfriend and I… as in, we’re having a Halloween-themed wedding next year. The thing about Halloween in Salem is that it’s crowded and expensive. We found ourselves asking the question “where to stay for cheap in Salem at Halloween?“. Last minute, I might add. So…good luck getting a last minute, budget hotel. And Boston is insane as far as hotel prices go.

So, we decided to see what we could find further up the coast, and ended up in my beloved  Wells, Maine. As a kid, I always thought my summer beach towns either stayed summer year round, or just ceased to exist in the winter months, living in suspended animation until June when I’d get to come back. As I got older, I realized that was wrong, but still assumed it must be really depressing in the off season.

As it turns out, I was wrong on all counts.


We snagged a beachfront hotel room for 60$ a night in a hotel with an indoor pool and hot tub in Wells.  High season rate? 180$ USD a night.

So, other than a super cheap ocean side hotel, why visit a beach town in the off-season?

It is amazingly zen. Seriously. We had the beach nearly to ourselves. Obviously at the end of October we weren’t lying on the beach suntanning, but it was still warm enough to go for a walk or sit for a few hours reading.  Normally, these beaches are covered in people, so I really enjoyed kind of actually seeing them as nature. This fall has been mentally overwhelming, and this weekend was exactly what I needed before diving into November. (November and I are not friends. This goes waaaay back.)

Also, all those super popular places you can never get near? No lines or reservations needed! You can actually sit down at Congdon’s Donuts and get in to the Maine Diner for supper. 23000386_828996613358_708634548880419488_o

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