Cabin Fever

I seriously haven’t been anywhere or done anything travel-y since Halloween weekend. I went to Plattsburgh for a day (basically, Target and lunch) with my friend Amanda during my Xmas holidays and it felt so good just to get out.

Sometimes, I get stuck in a rut. I have been in one of those ruts lately, and mother nature wasn’t cooperating much. Saturday we finally started our ski season, and went to Burke in Vermont.

Based on the recent deluge and freezing rain, conditions were decent. I didn’t make an ass out of myself getting off the lift like last time, so I consider the day a win. We also found giant sandwiches and really good coffee on the drive home, so double win.

A note for Canadians: Burke takes our money at par (!!) and sometimes has 2 for 1 offers with an ID. We paid 69$ Canadian for 2 full day tickets, which was pretty awesome.

The good coffee and sandwiches can be found in East Burke at Cafe Lotti, in an old church.

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