Keeping the blog alive

It’s been a while. One of the pros of this whole Covid19 quarantine at home, is that I am finally sorting through all the pictures, started blog posts, and scribbled notes from the past 3 years, that I totally meant to post.

The downside is, you know, being stuck at home.

Some fun facts about me:

-I dislike fruit except for berries.

-I really love taking the train. I miss taking the train to work. I don’t miss the 4 hours+ round trip commute to my old job.

-I had a major concussion when I was 15 that basically wiped out my math memory, for years.

-I like to eat peppercorns.

-I hate statistics.

-I have zero fear of flying, but Greyhound buses scare me.

-My favourite place I’ve ever travelled to is actually here in Quebec.

-I love winter and cold. Not a fan of humidity. I’d take an Arctic destination over a Caribbean any day (except for Jamaica!)

-I’ve eaten polar bear.

-I’m finishing my Master’s in the next year.

-I’m terrified of thunderstorms, have been outside within 20 feet of a lightning strike 5 times, but I love chasing funnel clouds.

-I had a Halloween-themed wedding.

-I met my husband at the beginning of high school when he got me kicked out of class.



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