October in Wells, Maine

Last month, for the weekend before Halloween, we decided to take a weekend road trip to visit Salem for Halloween. We're big on Halloween, my boyfriend and I... as in, we're having a Halloween-themed wedding next year. The thing about Halloween in Salem is that it's crowded and expensive. We found ourselves asking the question... Continue Reading →

Psychic Scams in Times Square

This morning Facebook decided to remind me that two years ago today, I was in Times Square.... getting scammed by a psychic named Gina. I had gone to NYC with a friend to watch Wicked, eat cupcakes out of a vending machine, tour an abandoned morgue*, and see what other insanity would ensue.  We managed... Continue Reading →

36 hours in PEI

After 3 weeks of being on the road, hiking, and camping sometimes you just need to relax. We decided to leave Cape Breton to spend a day in PEI. We camped the first night near Cavendish and then decided, for the final night of the trip to be decadent and splurge on a 50$ motel... Continue Reading →

Brief Stop in Fundy National Park

We decided to head to Cape Breton for a few days of hiking a few days after I got back from Vancouver...but Cape Breton is far. We decided to break the trip up by spending 12 hours in Fundy National Park. We camped at the Park Headquarters Campground. Last time I was in Fundy, we... Continue Reading →


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