My First Saguaro, a day in Arizona

I was a 2ish hour drive from Arizona, so I figured why not?  Sometimes the urge to check off a new state/province/country from the bucket list takes over. That, and I reaaaaally wanted to see a saguaro cactus. I know that it's a pretty weird bucket list item, but I really love cacti. So, I... Continue Reading →

Rurex: Abandoned Tourism at Cascades d’Eau Piedmont

I've always been drawn to pretty much anything that has been left abandoned: ski hill, houses, mini putt courses.... Over the course of this spring and summer's day tripping excursions to hike and explore in the Laurentians, the giant (iconic) water faucet off Autoroute 15 near St-Sauveur caught my eye. I loathe water parks, but... Continue Reading →

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