Capilano Anxiety Bridge

I've had this *thing* about suspension bridges for a really long time. When I was around 8 or 9 years old, I had a complete and total meltdown over crossing one. Like, nuclear meltdown, then and there in the woods. Here's the thing: they have never scared me before. But this one triggered something I'd... Continue Reading →


World Maps

I like to envision myself on the world map when I travel. Here I am, at the northern tip of Iceland. Along the southeastern tip of James Bay. Sitting on the edge of Canada in Tofino.... The first time I did this was accidental. The first time I took a plane and went overseas, I... Continue Reading →

Brief Stop in Fundy National Park

We decided to head to Cape Breton for a few days of hiking a few days after I got back from Vancouver...but Cape Breton is far. We decided to break the trip up by spending 12 hours in Fundy National Park. We camped at the Park Headquarters Campground. Last time I was in Fundy, we... Continue Reading →

Falling in love…

I can't remember a precise moment where I realized that I wanted to travel. I've read blogs and heard friends talk about the moment they realized they were in love with it. I never had that moment. It was just...always there. I used to love collecting tourist pamphlets as a kid. The prized ones were... Continue Reading →

On the Road Again…

So, summer vacation officially ends on August 25th and I have to re-enter the real world. I`ve been on the road most of the summer, so it`s really hard this year to believe that it`s over. It doesn`t help that this summer vacation actually was shorter (we finished later and Labour Day is early... a... Continue Reading →

Summer of Hiking

By this time last year, I had gotten a lot of hiking in. Largely due to the fact that winter went straight to summer, bypassing spring, and this happened in March. This weekend, it snowed. On the Canadian long weekend, we headed to the Adirondacks for a hiking/camping weekend, and I got my first 3... Continue Reading →

Whiteface, Super Sundays

I'm actually blogging! There's an expression, those who can, teach. Well, those who teach have no spare time, believe me. I have found some time in the midst of prepping, planning, correcting, teaching, calling, following-up, preventing, counselling, and recovering to ski. And so, a ski travel post. I grew up skiing on two amazing little... Continue Reading →

Making Soap at Nhoa’s Eden

Sometimes, I like to get artsy. One of my highlights of the year I spent teaching and living in a Cree community in the far North was weekly pottery nights. After that year, I spent a year teaching on the reservation next to the village of Oka, Quebec. And everyday, I drove by Nhoa's Eden... Continue Reading →

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